Self-buff character. By increasing his own stats, he can increase his survivability rate. If the enemy is strong, he can last longer to shoot for a victory. If the enemy is weak, beat it down faster. 

Tier 1
Life changing event.


Tier 1 class. Warriors that believes a good defense is the best offense. While their EVA and ACC are nothing to be impressed by, their DEF makes them a potential tank in the making.

Tier 1 class. With his high ATK, he is the main attacking force of the team. Able to beat down his enemies with precision with his above average ACC, the only thing he has left to watch out for would be taking blows due to his average DEF.

Tier 1 class. The main attraction to the Thief is his high ACC and EVA. Dodging fatal blows, he survives long enough to deliver Critical blows to his foes. With their high ACC, Stealing from foes is merely child’s play. While their ATK and DEF are rather low, their ACC and EVA let them have a fighting chance in combat.


Tier 1 class. Being weak in melee combat, the Apprentice takes on the role of a support character to increase his team’s strength. While not very useful in combat, he does have a few low levels of Offensive Spells for self-defense.


Tier 2
The second advancement.

Tier 2 class. He mainly specializes in covering for the team, taking heavy blows that would otherwise finish off his teammates. With his high DEF, he is the ideal tank at this stage.
Tier 2 class. He is a Fighter with improved stats. With Meditation, he can do things that increase his own survivability (buffs, heals himself). Unfortunately, the scope of his Meditation only affects him, and not his allies

Tier 2 class. His main strength is his ACC. Although fast and deadly, the Rogue has to strike his foes nearby, leaving him easily open for attack. However, his quick blows sometimes stun his enemy, allowing him to attack in rapid succession.

Tier 2 class. His main strength is his EVA. While he isn’t as likely to deal Critical Hits as the Rogue, he strikes from afar with his throwing stars, leaving him safe to escape easily from danger.

Tier 2 class. His ability to curse comes in handy when dealing with tough foes. He also learns some weak Supportive spells to heal and cure allies.

Tier 2 class. An avid learner of magical arts, the Librarian can easily juggle between both Offensive and Supportive spells. 


Tier 3
The Final Point


Tier 3 class. Although his DEF has dropped due to a decrease in heavy armor, his ACC is what makes him essential to a team. He can deal decent damage to enemies and with really good ACC too, sometimes letting him get a few Critical Hits in.
Tier 3 class. While slow due to his low EVA, he is the only one able to tank strong hits. While his low EVA does not allow him to cover for his teammates automatically anymore, he has gained some White Magic which now allows him to heal his wounded comrades.

Tier 3 class. His high ATK lets him deal heavy blows to foes that might lower their DEF, ACC, or EVA. He is a highly useful character that weakens his foes to allow his team to go in for an easy kill.
Tier 3 class. Having taken up a sword and shield, his DEF has increased by a considerable amount. However, his EVA takes a plunge due to the additional weight he has to carry.
Tier 3 class. Shade is a specialist of both melee and ranged combat. With incredibly high ACC/EVA (depending on which of the Tier 2 classes was chosen). To further aid him in combat, he has also mastered several high level Dark Arts, which allows him to avoid death while dishing out fatal blows.

Royal Magician
Tier 3 class. A true master of the Arcane Arts. His arsenal of spells are mostly wide scale and hits heavy enough for anyone to think twice before deciding to take them on again.
Tier 3 class. Ranging from healing allies to curing status ailments to buffing allies, his skill set makes him the one true support character.